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You can have the finest race car in Nascar but if you don’t have a great driver you are not going to win many races. The same goes for machine tools! After all, the software IS what drives your machine! We offer the finest machine tools the industry has to offer – so it is only natural that we team up with the finest software the industry has to offer.

Dynamic Machine Tool, Ltd. has teamed up with D3 Technologies to bring you all of the Delcam Products.

Stating with Delcam FeatureCAM for mills and lathes. FeatureCAM is the absolute easiest software in the industry to use. FeatureCAM offers systems for both lathes and mills to get you up and running quickly with the smallest learning curve in the industry.

As your demands increase and your people become more experienced, Delcam offers PowerMILL, PowerSHAPE, PowerINSPECT and ArtCAM that can handle the most complex surfaces the engineers will every throw at you.

Dynamic Machine Tool, Ltd. has teamed up with Kennametal to offer bulk tooling purchases at a discounted price.  Often – When making the capital investment purchase of a new machine tool, the thought of purchasing the tool holders becomes secondary. Many times then, companies will purchase inferior tool holders, and that could greatly effect machine performance. Dynamic can offer standard starter tooling packages that are included in the quote of a new machine or work closely with Kennametal to produce a customized package to meet your needs.

Tooling Certificates – A Cost Savings when setting up a new job

When purchasing a tooling certificate through Dynamic Machine Tool, Ltd. a credit for the list price value will be given in your company name at Lyndex-Nikken. The regional manager of Lyndex-Nikken will contact you and will assist you in selecting the proper tool holders for your needs or you may call Lyndex0-Nikken direct and orde your tooling. Any remining credit will remain until used. Tooling certificate values are valued at list prices and your bulk discount is given at the time you purchase the certificate. To purchase a tooling certificate, call our main office at 636-329-9734.

Online Brochures – use our comprehensive brochures to do your tool holder3 research. For current list pricing fill out the request quote or call our main office and we will gladly email you the pricing.

Dynamic Machine Tool, Ltd. Specializes in offering new machines that are applications specific. We believe in the philosophy of niche builders. Our definition of a niche builder is one that has a specialized core competency built into their culture.

Automotive production facilities that make millions of parts a year have different endurance and chip control requirements than a job shop that does not know what it will be producing from week to week. An aerospace shop will also have different requirements from a shop that produces high tolerance dies and molds.

If you have ever been to a chain restaurant with a large generic menu, then you know the food will be mediocre at best. Small family owned niche restaurants that specialize in a few signature dishes almost always serve food that is well above average. The same reasoning applies in the machine tool industry.

Whether you are a small job shop looking for a general purpose machine, a large OEM, or looking for complete turnkey production capacity or something in between, we represent a builder that specializes in fulfilling your requirements.

*Information and technical data within this website is for reference only and subject to change.

When you purchase a machine tool from us you come to expect the highest level of reliability in the industry. Our goal is simple – 95% uptime based on a 10-year life cycle. This can only be achieved through a combination of high-quality machine tools, parts availability quick response, competent service, phone support and continuous preventative maintenance.

Everyone at Dynamic Machine Tool and our partners are committed to providing you with competency and quick response to your service and parts requirements.

We are committed to the success of your business which means that we will do whatever it takes to insure that all of your equipment, regardless of where you purchased it – is running. We encourage you to call us with all of your service and preventative maintenance requirements.

Please check into our total care preventative maintenance programs for bi-annual machine tool check-ups. We can put programs together for individual machines or programs for your entire fleet of machine tools.

Put your trust in us and experience the “Dynamic Difference”

Dynamic Machine Tool, Ltd. Offers a full range of products that are used in the manufacturing industry and more specifically the metal cutting industry. Our product offerings include new and used CNC machining centers, turning centers, boring and milling machines, EDM wire machines and CNC programming software.

Our products can be purchased as stand alone units or bought as a fully integrated turnkey system. Applications support can also be purchased to aid in reducing your learning curve or maximizing your machines efficiency.

The new machines we represent are all 95% life cycle uptime capable. The minimum life cycle measured is 10 years.

In addition, we also represent a wide range of support products such as rotary tables, pallet changers, bar feeders, robots and other forms of automation as well as a wide assortment of consumables, tooling and fixturing components.

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