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    Dynamic Machine Tool, Ltd. has teamed up with Lyndex-Nikken to offer bulk tooling purchases at a discounted price. Lyndex-Nikken, builder of the finest tool holders in the world, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nikken Kosakusho Works, Ltd. - Japan.

    Often -
    When making the capital investment purchase of a new machine tool, the thought of purchasing the tool holders becomes secondary. Many times then, companies will purchase inferior tool holders, and that could greatly effect machine preformance. Dynamic can offer standard starter tooling packages that are included in the quote of a new machine or work closely with Lyndex-Nikken to produce a customized package to meet your needs.

    Tooling Certificates - A Cost Savings when setting up a new Job
    When purchasing a Tooling Certificate through Dynamic Machine Tool, Ltd. a Credit for the List Price Value will be given in your company name at Lyndex-Nikken. The regional manager of Lyndex-Nikken will contact you and will assist you in selecting the proper tool holders for your needs or you may call Lyndex-Nikken direct and order your tooling. Any remaining credit will remain untill used. Tooling certificate values are valued at List Prices, your bulk discount is given at the time you purchase the certificate. To purchase a tooling certificate, call our main office at 636-447-2900 and ask to purchase a Tooling Certificate. Tooling certificates will require a purchase order from established customers. You may fax your puchase order to 636-329-9734.

    On-Line Brochures - Use our easy navigable brochures to do your tool holder research. For current list pricing, fill out the Request Quote or Information Form and we will gladly email you the pricing or call our main office.
    Tooling Certificate Values and Pricing
      List Price Value Purchase Price
    $ 1,000 $ 700
    $ 2,000 $ 1,400
    $ 3,000 $ 2,100
    $ 4,000 $ 2,800
    $ 5,000 $ 3,500
    $ 10,000 $ 7,000
    Milling Chuck Video
    VC Holder Video
    Lyndex-Nikken Standard Tool Holder Catalog
    Lyndex-Nikken Advanced Tool Holder Catalog
    Starter Package Brochures & Printable Lists
    Job Shop Starter Package - Cat 40
    Job Shop Starter Package - Cat 50
    Production Starter Package - Cat 40
    High-Speed/Hard Milling Starter Package - Cat 40
    Aerospace Aluminum Starter Package - Cat 40 12K
    Aerospace Aluminum Starter Package - Cat 40 30K
    Aerospace TiTianium Heavy Milling- Cat 50 8K