The Y-Axis adds integrated machining feature providing machining capability on the workpiece that is not parallel or perpendicular to the spindle center line.

The sub-spindle with full C-axis capability allows milling, drilling, and tapping on the back side of parts, plus a powerful 10hp Fanuc built-in motor provides fast acceleration with high torque.
Mill-Drill with Y-Axis and Live Tooling
High Precision and High Productivity

The SL45LY utilizes a rigid, single tube type bed design (30° slant) to ensure minimum bending and torsion even during heavy cutting and high speed turning operations.

Standard Features
Box Way Construction.
High Rigidity P4 Class spindle bearings.
Pre-tensioned ball screws.
Fanuc Oi-TD CNC Control, Drives and Motors
Tool Pre-setter.
Parts Catcher & Parts Ejector.
Barfeeder Interface.
Manual Guide I.
Chuck Size
Main Spindle Power
50 hp
Main Spindle RPM
1,200 2 speed Geared
Main Spindle Nose
Max Turning/Milling Dia.
Max Cutting Length
Draw Tube ID
Axis Travel X/Z
Axis Travel Y
7.87" (± 3.74")
C Axis Min. Degree
Rapid Rate X/Y/Z
709/590/394 ipm
Turret - # of Tools
Tool Size OD/ID
☐ 1.25"/Ø 2.5"
CNC Control
Fanuc Oi-TD
Medium Monitor Brochure
X-Large Monitor Brochure
Samsug Machine Line-Up
SL45LY Cutting Demo
SL45LY Turret and Axis Moving