VP 5-Axis Series

VP9000 5-Axis
The VP 5-Axis Series are High-speed, High-accuracy Hyper Machining Centers designed for difficult multi-surface machining with single chucking and improved efficiency in the machining of complicated three-dimensional parts..

Hyper HQ2 Control (High and Quick Response) enables high-speed and high-quality machining of Dies and Molds by increasing the machining capability of minute line segments NC data analysis by use of HQ control and High-Speed CPU.
    VP9000 5-Axis
VP9000 5-Axis  
Table Size Ø31.5" x 24.8"
Spindle Power (option) 10 hp (30 hp)
Spindle Speed (option) 12,000 (20,000) rpm
Spindle Taper #40
Axis Travel X/Y/Z 32.28"/40.16"/22.05"
A-Axis front/back tilting -120° / +30°
C-Axis Rotation 360°
Max Rapid Rate X/Y/Z 1,260/1,260/1,267 ipm
Max Prog. Feedrate 1,267 ipm
Tool Mag. Cap. (option) 40(60, 80, 120)
Medium Monitor Brochure
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5-Axis Series Brochure
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