VM Series
The Maximum Versatility Series

The new VM43R evolved from the proven VM4 series with Enhanced Rigidity of the main body and spindle and can be configured with the #40 or #50 taper variations.

Advanced functions and support raise your productivity.

With a delivery record of more than 5000 units the versital VM Series stand out as the best all around machining centers on the market.
VM43R   VM53R   VM76R
    VM940R   VM900
Table Size 31.5" x 16.54"
Spindle Power #40/#50 Taper 10 hp/15 hp
Spindle Speed (option) 8,000 (6,000) rpm
Spindle Taper (option) #40 (#50)
Axis Travel X/Y/Z 24.8"/16.93"/18.11"
Max Rapid Rate X/Y/Z 1,181/1,181/787 ipm
Max Prog. Feedrate 787 ipm
Magazine Capacity (opt.) 20 (30)
CNC Control Mitsubishi or Fanuc
* All specifications, features and accessories are subject to change without notice.
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