VG 5000 5-Axis

The VG-5000 has been designed for hard-to-process materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloy with a single chucking of complicated three-dimensional parts.

The standard APC (Automatic pallet changer) is mounted in the rear of the machine and not only ensures operability and accessibility for the operators but improves the visability of the workpiece processing area.
VG-5000 5-Axis  
Pallet Sixe ☐19.69"
Spindle Power 30 min/cont. 40/34 HP
Spindle Speed 12,000 RPM
Spindle Taper #50
Axis Travel X/Y/Z 29.92"/35.43"/24.02"
A-Axis front/back tilting -120° / +30°
C-Axis Rotation 360°
Max Rapid Rate X/Y/Z 945/945/945 ipm
Max Prog. Feedrate 945 ipm (X,Y,Z)
Max Load on Table 1,321 lbs.
Tool Mag. Cap. 40
Medium Monitor Brochure
X-Large Monitor Brochure
VG5000 Brochure
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