KCV Series 5-Axis
The Long Bed Series

KCV1000 5-Axis
The KCV 5-Axis Series are multifunctional 5-axis-control machining centers for high-speed, high-efficiency processing of large aircraft parts.

The spindle, with tilt and swivel mechanism, enables three-dimensional undercut processing.

Solid think walled structure of the bed and column provides high rigidity and stiffness. The table is fully supported without overhang allowing heavy workpiece and long life.

Traversing column ensures easy access to fixtures enabling quick setup and work piece loading.

KCV800 5-Axis   KCV1000 5-Axis
KCV1000 5-Axis  
Table Size 149.61" x 40.16"
Spindle Power 100 hp
Spindle Speed (option) 12,000 rpm
Spindle Taper (option) #50
Axis Travel X/Y/Z 137.80"/40.16"/28.35"
A Axis front/back tilting -35° / +35°
B Axis left/right tilting -35° / +35°
Max Rapid Rate X/Y/Z 787/787/787 ipm
Max Prog. Feedrate 394 ipm
Magazine Capacity (opt.) 30 (40)
Medium Monitor Brochure
X-Large Monitor Brochure
5-Axis Series Brochure
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