HM-X6000 5-Axis
From the HM New Concept Series

New concepts in high-speed machining offer drastic improvements in speed, rigidity and durability over competing machines.

Compact Space-saving design for effective use of floor space. The column moves to right and left on the X axis, while the trunion and pallet moves back and forth on the Z axis. This configuration reduces the required floor space more then 30% compared with our previous machines.
HM-X6000 5-Axis  
Pallet Size 23.62" ☐
A Axis Tilt/B degrees +20° to -110° / 360°
Spindle Power (option) 54 hp (25/30 hp geared head)
Spindle Speed (option) 12,000 rpm (8,000 3-gears)
Spindle Taper #50 Cat V
Axis Travel X/Y/Z 41.33"/35.43"/32.28"
Max Rapid Rate X/Y/Z 2,953/2,953/2,953 ipm
Tool Mag. Cap. (option) 60 (80,116,120,160,176)
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