HM Series - The New Concept Series

HM1600 - Large Part Processing
The OKK HM1600 Offers the largest part processing in it's class.

Compact Space-saving design for effective use of floor space. The column moves to right and left on the X axis, while the pallet moves back and forth on the Z axis.

The HM1600 offers 3 different spindle styles to choose from to meet your specific machining requirements (see brochure).
Spindle Styles Available
12,000 rpm Motorized Spindle for general machining.
8,000 rpm Gear Driven for High-torque.
4,000 rpm Gear Driven with 2 position Locking Quill. Fully-retracted or Fully-entended (11.81")
Pallet Size 62.99" x 49.21"
Minimum Index 0.001°
Spindle Power MS-40hp/HT-30hp/Quill-25hp
Spindle Speeds 12,000/8,000/4,000 rpm
Spindle Taper #50
Axis Travel X/Y/Z 94.49"/64.96"/68.90"
Max Rapid X/Y/Z 1,653 ipm
Max Prog. Feedrate 787 ipm
Tool Mag. Cap. (opt.) 60 (116, 176, 236)
Medium Monitor Brochure
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HM1600 Brochure
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