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LinX Design

LinX Design is an advanced 5-axis high-speed milling machine using linear motors on the main axes and torque motors for the polar movements of the T3D milling head.

Thanks to an operational volume from 54.68 yd³, this large-sized milling machine is designed to offer the highest productivity in styling model and prototype production, large-size mold & die semi-finishing and finishing, and aluminium-alloy/composite aerospace component machining.

The combination of linear motors and high rigidity structures enhances accuracy and quality of finishing. High reliability and silent running are afforded by the elimination of mechanical components.
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LinX Design Base Machine  
X axis (longitudinal dual drive) 205"
X axis options 283" or 362"
Modular extensions 79"
Y axis (transversal) 126" or 157"
Distance between columns 177" or 208"
Z axis (vertical) 79"
Rapid Traverse up to 1,600 ipm
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Compoflex Fixturing Brochure
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