Mill-2000 20,000 RPM 90 HP Test Cut
Mill Series Aerospace 5-Axis   Extended Travel   Trunnion Fixturing
Swivel Rotary   Swivel Head   Bar Machining
Mill Series Aerospace - Basic Machine
Axis Travel's X/Y/Z {from} 31.5"/19.68"/21.65"
Extend Travel X/Y/Z {up-to} 315"/33.07"/28.15"
Spindle Power {up-to} 63.3 hp
Spindle Speed {up-to} 20,000 rpm
Spindle Taper SK-40/HSK-A-63
Tool Capacity 20/40/60/92/165
Chip to Chip time {approx.} 2.5s
Mill Series
MPC Multi-Pallet Changer
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Tech for Aerospace
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Aerospace Machining Introduction
Mill-2000 Jet Engine Blade Cold
Mill-2000 Jet Engine Blade Hot
Mill-2000 20,000 RPM 90 HP Test Cut
Mill-2000 Swivel Head & Trunnion Machining Wing Rib
Mill-800 5-Axis Steel Turbine Blade
Mill-800 General Introduction
Mill-800 Machining from Bar
Mill-800 Bar Machining, Trunnion, Rotary, Swivel
Mill-800 5-Axis Cutting Demo of Knuckle