5-Axis Machining
The MILL Series allows 5-axis machining according to various principles: On the one hand, the design with the NC swivel head and NC rotary table with the horizontally or vertically arranged rotary axis, and on the other hand, the design with the fully integrated NC swivel rotary table (MILL 800), which offers the ideal conditions for machining cubic parts.
Mill Series Aerospace
Extended Travels to 315" X-Axis

Custom Machines for medium and small batch production with the MILL Series. The simple, robust basic structure with few wear parts guarantees the highest availability and forms the basis for an economic, practical machine design. Its strengths go beyond its milling capacity.

Machines are available with X travel of 31.5" to 315". Pendulum working is also available for versions from MILL 2000. In the high-speed-plus version, spindle speeds up to 20,000 rpm and rapid feeds of 2,362 ipm are available.

With the horizontal rotary axis, parts with X-travel up to 315" can be machined. Irrespective of the version, 24/40/60/92/ 165 tool places are available.
Mill Series Aerospace 5-Axis   Extended Travel   Trunnion Fixturing
Swivel Rotary   Swivel Head   Bar Machining
Mill Series Aerospace - Basic Machine
Axis Travel's X/Y/Z {from} 31.5"/19.68"/21.65"
Extend Travel X/Y/Z {up-to} 315"/33.07"/28.15"
Spindle Power {up-to} 63.3 hp
Spindle Speed {up-to} 20,000 rpm
Spindle Taper SK-40/HSK-A-63
Tool Capacity 20/40/60/92/165
Chip to Chip time {approx.} 2.5s
Mill Series
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