FZ 15 Series
Quick, Precise,Compact,
and Multifaceted

The impressive thing about the FZ 15 Series is the consistent realisation of a clear platform and modular strategy. The machines are available either with a fixed table or with a workpiece changing unit, with an NC swivel rotary table, with a basket changer and 20 tools or with the chain magazine and 48 tools. Every user can invest in the machine which is optimally tuned to his specifications, which avoids unnecessary extra costs.

A new age is beginning for the 5-side machining of complex workpieces in one set-up. The new FZ 15 S five axis is setting standards with regard to speed, precision and availability.

The highlight of the FZ 15 S five axis is the stable NC swivel rotary table with a swivelling range from +/- 110° and a table load capacity of 705 lbs.
FZ 15 Basic Machine   Basket Tool Changer   Mag. Tool Changer=K   Rigid Table=S
Work Changer=W   Work Changer=W   5-Axis Machining   MPS Profile System
FZ-08 Model   FZ-12 Model   FZ-15 Model   FZ-18 Model
FZ 15 - Basic Machine  
Axis Travel's X/Y/Z {from} 21.65"/15.74"/14.17"
Spindle Power {up-to} 37.5 hp
Spindle Speed {up-to} 20,000 rpm
Spindle Taper SK-40/HSK-A-63
Tool Capacity 20/48/187/2x24/2x79
Chip to Chip time {approx.} 1.7s/2.1s
FZ 15 Series
FZ 15W
FZ 15W Magnum
MPS Series
MPC Multi-Pallet Changer
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FZ-15 Introduction Video Short
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FZ-15W Cutting Demo Aluminum Cover in Trunnion
FZ-15S Cutting Demo Pump Housing in Trunnion
FZ-15W High-Speed Cutting of Aluminum Hogout
FZ-15W Cutting Demo Bracket Casting in Trunnion
ATC Basket Changer Concept
Multi Pallet Changer MPC
Model Discription
FZ-15S Tool Basket S=Rigid Table
FZ-15W Tool Basket W=Work Changer
FZ-15W Magnum Tool Basket W=Work Changer
FZ-15KS K= Tool Mag. S=Rigid Table
FZ-15KW K= Tool Mag. W=Work Changer
FZ-15KW Magnum K= Tool Mag. W=Work Changer
FZ-15S 5-Axis Tool Basket S=Rigid Table
FZ-15KS 5-Axis K= Tool Mag. S=Rigid Table
FZ-15 MPS Tool Basket MPS System