FZ 12 Series
Quick, Precise,Compact,
and Multifaceted

The FZ 12 offers the best values with regard to speed and precision.

The superior strength of this series lies in the stable base construction of the solid, robust machine tool design, which has considerable reserve capacity for completing even the most difficult cutting tasks in an ideal way.

The performance values are equally amazing. With chip-to-chip times of 1.9 s (FZ 12 W) and 2.4 s (FZ 12 W MAGNUM), the 12 Series is among the fastest of its class.

The robust construction of the spindle with generously dimensioned bearings and the tool interfaces SK 30, SK 40 or HSK 63 allow for excellent milling performance.

All Chiron machines are based on the vertical moving column principle and offer a series of advantages just from its basic design. The accuracy of the machine is independent of the workpiece weight, so that the highest possible accuracy is always achieved.
FZ 12 Basic Machine   Basket Tool Changer   Mag. Tool Changer=K   Rigid Table=S
Work Changer=W   5-Axis Machining   Swivel Head   Bar Machining
FZ-08 Model   FZ-12 Model   FZ-15 Model   FZ-18 Model
FZ 12 - Basic Machine  
Axis Travel's X/Y/Z {from} 21.65"/11.81"/14.17"
Spindle Power {up-to} 30 hp
Spindle Speed {up-to} 10,500 rpm
Spindle Taper SK30/HSK-A50
Tool Capacity 20/64/177/2x32/2x87
Chip to Chip time {approx.} 1.9s/2.1s
FZ 12W Magnum
FZ 12K Series
MPC Multi-Pallet Changer
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FZ-12 Introduction Video Short
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FZ-12 Machining from Bar
FZ-12SM Cutting Demo of Bar w/C-Axis
FZ-12SM Cutting Demo of Bar w/Conveyor Unload
FZ-12SK 5-Axis Cutting Demo
FZ-12KW Cutting Demo, Castings in Trunnion Fixture
Multi Pallet Changer MPC
Model Discription
FZ-12KS K=Tool Mag. S=Rigid Table
FZ-12WM Tool Basket W=Work Changer
FZ-12KW K=Tool Mag. W=Work Changer
FZ-12KS 5-Axis K=Tool Mag. S=Rigid Table
FZ-12KS Swivel Hd K=Tool Mag. S=Rigid Table